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Raise a glass to World Cocktail Day

Cocktails are fun, they set the mood, you can’t be both down in the dumps and drinking a Strawberry Daiquiri. That's just science. 
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STRYKK up your

Time to kick off the shackles, get to the pub, dance at a festival and raise a tall glass of STRYKK to a brave new world.
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What’s the future for cinemas?

The popcorn, the dimming of lights, the endless snogging sessions. Read Jason Solomon’s ode to the true power of cinema.
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STRYKK ready to drink cans on ice

PSSST… it’s STRYKK in a can!

That's right. The rumours are true. We've whipped up some non-alcoholic cans that are ready to grab and go.
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G&T Music Choice Image

Can good music improve your G&T?

We’re all familiar with the idea of pairing drinks with food, but pairing with music? Pete Brown tells us how to pick the perfect soundtrack for a STRYKK NOT G*N & Tonic.
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Hello, from

STRYKK isn’t a massive lifestyle shift, we’re not preaching any zany new doctrine, we’re not even anti-alcohol. We’re just about choice.
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Meet the STRYKK

Non-alcoholic spirits needed a serious upgrade, and by gum they got one. Find out all about our NOT G*N, NOT R*M and NOT V*DKA.
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