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After what can only be described as a hell of a year or so, there are distant thumping sounds on the horizon at last. Not ominous ones like you get in old cowboy films, but the kind of repetitive beats that uplift the spirit and give you hope. Signs of life, but more than that - signs oflivingagain. The return of festivals to big fields and venues that have laid barren for far too long. The t-shirted and daisy-chained masses getting together, finding their tribe, and kicking up dust. Friends forming memories that’ll never be forgotten. 

If you squint you can almost hear the laughter already, loud and hysterical, the whooping, the euphoric blast of a whistle, some oldies doing the disco cheer. Christ it’s good to be outside again! Feasting on all kinds of nectar, all kinds of marrow. Not just queueing at the supermarket for some milk, but bouncing around in the great outdoors with real actual strangers. Everyone sharing a common goal - to have an insanely, stupidly good time.

The even better news is that Strykk will be right there with you. In can form (NOT G*N & TONIC, or NOT R*M & COLA). In your hand, in your pocket, somewhere halfway down your rucksack, you'll find us at over 25 festivals this summer. We’re talking Bigfoot Festival, Pub in the Park, Big Feastival - where you can enjoy the food of the great Nathan Outlaw alongside the guitar riffs of the even better Nile Rodgers - and down on Streatham Common at Kisstorywhere Another Level and Artful Dodger will be re-re-winding us all back to a time bathed in rose-tintedness where you’d only mask-up to go into the bank if you were making a pit stop on the way to jail.

If you’re pacing yourself, consider us your Option B, if you’re swerving alcohol altogether, we’re totally here for you. You specifically. And, don’t tell anyone, but we’re bringing something a little special to the party too. Stay tuned for that.

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