Raise a glass to World Cocktail Day

Cocktails are fun, they set the mood, you can’t be both down in the dumps and drinking an Espresso Martini. That's just science.

Is it really a whole year since the last World Cocktail Day? Man, what a year it’s been too, with two new flavours joining the mighty Strykk team – Strykk Not Vanilla Vodka and Strykk Not Aperitivo. So for today, it’s cocktails-a-go-go and we’re hitting it hard.

Whether it’s Strykk Not Gin in a Bramble made in the kitchen, or you’re out on the tiles, watching in awed reverence as someone wearing braces (trousers, not teeth) throws together a mind-blowing non-alcoholic Pina Colada, or an alcohol-free Mojito using Strykk Not Rum that tastes just like the original – the most important thing is being with your mob, your people, making moments and living your life. With summer just around the corner, perhaps you'd prefer an ice cold Strykk Not Aperitivo Spritz, or a perfectly chilled Non Alcoholic Espresso Martini made with our game changing Not Vanilla Vodka. Celebrating great cocktails – like the one you have before an amazing meal, or the one that arrives as an impromptu treat on a hot afternoon, complete with an unnecessary brolly in it.

Cocktails are fun, they set the mood, you can’t be both down in the dumps and drinking an Espresso Martini. It’s not possible. That’s just science.

Now at this point, eagle-eyed sleuths might have noticed the glaring omission of the dreaded M-word so often bandied around when you’re talking alcohol-free cocktails… Mocktails - the catch-all term, that comes complete with the vague whiff of inferiority, like you’re a cover-band desperately clawing at credibility.

So, let’s spell it out: WE DON’T DO MOCKTAILS. We don’t peddle mocktail recipes, we are very much not part of the mocktail community. Our non-alcoholic cocktails aren’t a pretender to something purportedly better, they’re not a pale shadow cowering beneath a giant behemoth, they’re their own category – club classics made with Strykk. The same great mixers as you’d always get (if you’re at home, we’d strongly recommend the unparalleled genius of Funkin Cocktails on that front) but with our kick-ass non-alcoholic spirits bringing it all home.

Have a nosy at the growing list of Strykk cocktail bundles we have available, and toast yourself on another great decision. Here’s to World Cocktail Day and a great summer ahead – cheers!  


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