Saluti! Strykk Not Aperitivo is here

Finally the non-alcoholic spritz you’ve been waiting for has arrived - Strykk Not Aperitivo - just in time for Summer. All the Spritz, None of the Alcohol.

The non-alcoholic spirits landscape continues to expand with the arrival of Strykk Not Aperitivo, an alcohol-free Aperol-like marvel meticulously designed to enhance summer evenings everywhere.  

As with the rest of the Strykk family - whether it’s our kick-ass Not Gin or our Not Vanilla Vodka that tastes just like the real thing – it took a crack team of taste professors working around the clock to ensure that this isn’t just any old alcohol-free aperitivo.  

No, we wanted it to make the perfect non-alcoholic bittersweet spirit alternative for those who’ve stopped drinking, or who never started in the first place, or who just fancy a drink but not a drink-drink. We wanted something you could quaff after work. Something boasting the glorious flavours of sun-drenched Italian piazzas without the looming risk of volcanic hangovers on the horizon. 

Something for hazy beach holidays. Or for big picnics with your mates. Or for festivals. Or even just for in your own back garden on a sunny weekend afternoon – because when it comes to where you should drink your Spritz, as we all know, there are no rules. 

So sit back, stand up, recline just a little (again, no rules about body-positioning either) and savour the deliciously tart flavours of wormwood, Quassia (no, us neither) and bitter orange as they synchronise with sweeter prosecco-like notes. Then just add soda to create the perfect alcohol free Spritz. Yes, the Strykk taste boffins have excelled themselves once again. 

We’ve been enjoying Spritzes since the 70s, they’re synonymous with summertime, and now you can finally have yours’ sans alcohol.  



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