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Non-alcoholic spirits needed a serious upgrade, and by gum they got one. Find out all about our NOT G*N, NOT R*M and NOT V*DKA.

Finding a good non-alcoholic gin in 2017 wasn’t easy – in fact getting your hands any decent low alcohol options at the bar was like the eleventh task of Hercules. Then in 2018, STRYKK NOT G*N made its debut, alongside our NOT R*M - the brainchildren of Alex Carlton from Funkin Cocktails, a bar-world veteran with more than two decades under his belt. These pioneering alcohol-free spirits were studiously developed for over two years under the watchful tutelage of some of the UK’s most distinguished bartenders, and were joined in 2019 by our non-alcoholic vodka… (you guessed it) NOT V*DKA.

Their production was undertaken with a laser-focus on getting them just right. We weren’t interested in boldly introducing “authentic” new options without putting our money where our mouth was. They had to taste, look and feel as close to their alcoholic equivalents as possible. As such, we had to get a lot wrong to get it right, which meant endless tweaking, overhauling, and innovating, always with an ear sharpened on our customer feedback. We wanted something for the health-conscious hedonists out there (ourselves included!) – not just for teetotallers, but for drinkers looking for a break from alcohol, whether it be for the next round, the next week, the next year or the next lifetime. Something ultra-low in calories, ultra-low in carbs, with no sugar, no artificial flavours, and zero alcohol.

So here we are, and we’re proud to say we cracked it, we did the undoable. We produced non-alcoholic spirits to rival the alcoholic ones. It’s probably time to meet the crew…


STRYKK NOT G*N balance image

A key component of the ultimate non-alcoholic gin and tonic (clocking in at little over 20 calories), untold man hours have gone into ensuring our NOT G*N hits the same flavour profile as a classic London Dry Gin. That means a nice botanical hit of juniper, with notes of coriander, sage and basil completing the alchemy.



STRYKK NOT R*M balance image

An excellent alcohol-free spiced rum for your Mojito or Mai Tai, guaranteed to make the morning after a little less dark and stormy. Our NOT R*M ticks all the right boxes on your palate – you’ll detect vanilla, raison, Oakwood, sugarcane. And if you source a gentle enough cola to mix it with, it’ll set you back all of about 5 calories.


STRYKK NOT V*DKA balance image
The newest member of the family, NOT V*DKA tastes like… well, vodka - making it a simple, non-alcoholic alternative to go with lemonade, or lime and soda. Even with an Espresso Martini if you’re looking to make it a little less potent. Let it do a little jig on your taste buds, and you’ll get notes of menthol, cucumber, and pepper.


All the Spirit, none of the Alcohol.

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