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STRYKK isn’t a massive lifestyle shift, we’re not preaching any zany new doctrine, we’re not even anti-alcohol. We’re just about choice.

Hello. You’re a person, aren’t you?

Some days you just want to put your face in a bucket of pizzas… other days you want a dinky little salad to nibble on, or sushi, or enchiladas, or you want to listen to thrash metal, or to laugh hysterically in a thunderstorm, or to sit in a field hypnotised by the trickling sounds of a nearby stream. You want to dance, you want to chat. And when you’re out with your favourite people in the world, you might not always want to drink drink.

That’s because you, as already mentioned, are a person - you’re a complex melting pot of feelings, emotions, decisions, thoughts, opinions, and one size will never fit all. We get it. We’re here for you. YOU specifically (no matter who you are).

Because here’s the thing, Strykk – whether it be NOT G*N, NOT R*M, or NOT V*DKA - isn’t a massive lifestyle shift, we’re not preaching any zany new doctrine, we’re not at your front door with a bad tie and a dodgy looking briefcase asking you to sign up to anything. We’re not even anti-alcohol.

We’re just here to give you another choice, a Plan B (or Plan A, depending) for those times when you’re up for a night out with great drinks, but you just don’t want the tricky morning after. We’re not here to monkey around with your chakras or perform tectonic shifts, we won’t tie you in knots with flowery descriptions about how you should feel when you’re drinking one of our drinks, and we won’t set your bank account alight either. Strykk is simply an affordable “zero alcohol” alternative* to the drinks you already enjoy.

(*Yes okay fine – an alternative that’s been expertly fashioned with a laser-sharp eye on authenticity that means our zero-alcohol spirits are distilled the same way as the ones with alcohol in them… we’re just not going to go on about it)

Point is, we want you to carry on being you, and having a great time, because no one is better at being you than you are. Go to parties, go to picnics, barbecues, weddings, go to bars, to festivals, enjoy your usual hangouts, don’t change your life one jot – do all the things you want to do, but with the option of taking the alcohol out of it from time to time. Not because you’re on a spiritual (no pun) journey to self-betterment necessarily, but because some nights you need a gear change for a little bit of balance.

You’ll always find us at a bar or supermarket shelf near you, or you can order us online right here!

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