PSSST… it’s STRYKK in a can!

That's right. The rumours are true. We've whipped up some non-alcoholic cans that are ready to grab and go.

Ah, the Great British summertime. Leather on willow. The faint smell of other people’s bonfires. The stampeding masses looking for areas of greenery where they can plonk themselves down for a picnic – cue a conveyor belt of scotch eggs, sausage rolls, and laughter, all washed down with a non-alcoholic gin and tonic. Or a non-alcoholic rum. Preferably from a can boasting no more than 18 calories/serve. That’s also gluten free. And vegan.


Just in time for this year’s “Summer of Love” (you never know!) comes the arrival of two new STRYKK innovations, meticulously crafted by the same taste experts behind our range of top notch non-alcoholic spirits. Joining the expanding STRYKK family are STRYKK NOT G*N & TONIC, and STRYKK NOT R*M & COLA. A magnificent set of cans designed specifically to replicate their spirit alternatives in flavour and essence, but minus the uncomfortable morning after. 

There’s no flowery hokum going on, nothing in the way of zany botanicals to distract you – we’ve simply sourced some excellent low-calorie mixers and introduced them to our best sellers, to whip up some non-alcoholic cans that are ready to grab and go. Now all you have to do is choose between them*.

Will it be STRYKK NOT G*N & TONIC – all the oomph of our STRYKK NOT G*N paired with a low-cal (not to be confused with “local”) mixer, to create a refreshing alcohol-free gin and tonic? Perfect for all occasions, whether you’re soaking up rays in the back garden, larking around on the beach, or bursting the shackles of the last year and hitting the festival circuit big time. You can even pop one in your back pocket for later. 

Or perhaps you’ll go for STRYKK NOT R*M & COLA? A dynamite concoction that finds our alcohol-free spiced rum doing the tango with a sugar-free cola. Have it chilled in the can, pour it into a nice tall glass, sip it through a straw if you want to. Whichever way, you won’t regret it. Our recommendation would be to serve it over ice, surrounded by your favourite people in the world.

(*to be clear, there is an Option C where you just have both.)

Enjoy the sunshine.

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